Executive Summary & download

For more than fifteen years, Network for Good has led and powered a movement among 125,000 nonprofit organizations in the United States, to expand the scope of their fundraising activities to effectively raise money online. As a result, it has disbursed over $1 billion from over 287 million donors giving to the causes most important to them.  

While a significant milestone for our sector, it is just our first.

Network for Good’s leadership sought to leverage its data and determination from a legacy of fundraising enablement to also helping the sector.  We began, however, with a question:

What do nonprofits need to self-sustainably fund their missions and create lasting impact for the communities they serve?

Our first answers to that question led to the creation of the Impact Team, recruiting some of the sector’s leading talent to support and accelerate the options for those working to improve the health and long-term viability of the nonprofits in our sector. 

After a three-year pilot, including convening more than one hundred town halls throughout the country, and compiling data from more than 10,000 nonprofits, the Impact Team and a coalition of grantmakers created the Jumpstart Program. It provides nonprofits with the integrated tools, plan, and one-on-one coaching required to increase fundraising capacity, diversify revenue, and sustain programs you fund.

Having launched Jumpstart with grantmakers and government entities as a Collective Impact Model, the Impact Team and its Backbone Partners of more than forty community, private, and corporate foundations, this once nascent project has become a movement, built on the framework of unified objectives, leveraged resources, and servant leadership. 


A comprehensive overview of the Jumpstart Program, including the literature review, survey data that targeted 10,000 nonprofits in the United States, the funders and participants of the three-year pilot program, and the results sustained among the nonprofits funded by participating grantmakers and government entities.