Meet Casey. He was one of a million.

This is the real story of Casey Smagala, Director of Marketing & Development at the Albany Park Community Center in Chicago, Illinois.  You probably know some Casey's, too.      

Now, he's one in a million.

Network for Good created the Jumpstart Program with grantmakers to provide nonprofits with the integrated tools, plan, and one-on-one coaching to build their fundraising capacity, diversify revenue, and sustain and expand their programs. 

We use a Cooperative Grantmaking Model to help your foundation cooperatively finance and then, implement the program directly without extra staff time.

Before we direct resources to grantees in your communities to enroll in Jumpstart, we underwrite the costs to have our team first lead, conduct, and deliver a(n):

Needs Assessmnet.png

Needs Assessment

We’ll create, deploy, and aggregate data from a confidential, standardized survey to all of your (potential) grantees to uncover their unique capacity building needs and growth opportunities, and benchmark that data against your peers, nationally.

Discovery Briefing.png

Discoveries Briefing

We’ll come on site to share with your staff, grants committee, or even your board, the results from the Assessment, identifying themes and trends among your grantees, including which currently do/not have the capacity to sustain the program(s) you fund.

Funding Allocation.png

Funding Allocation

Based upon what we learn from the Assessment and validate with you in the Briefing, we’ll propose a plan to jointly fund and bring the Jumpstart Program to select grantees that have strong programs but a weak infrastructure to easily sustain them.


Enrollment Workshop

We’ll come on site to conduct a training to help each of your grantees create a right-sized fundraising plan, case for support, and create a reality-based three-year fundraising forecast and then, preview the Jumpstart Program to discern enrollment interest.




Let's get you some information, now.

To determine if the Jumpstart Program is a fit for your foundation, we'll send you a Program Overview & sample Discovery Briefing & Report to get started.


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