Meet Casey. He was one of a million.

This is the real story of Casey Smagala, Director of Marketing & Development at the Albany Park Community Center in Chicago, Illinois.  You probably know some Casey's, too.      

Now, he's one in a million.

Network for Good created the Jumpstart Program with grantmakers to provide nonprofits with the integrated tools, planning, and one-on-one coaching to build their fundraising capacity, diversify revenue, and sustain and expand their programs. 

After the Grantee Fundraising Needs Assessment is completed, we’ll work directly with your team to identify, jointly fund, and onboard grantees demonstrating both need and commitment to build a better, more sustainable fundraising program.

Network for Good, though, makes it easy. We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Needs Assessmnet.png

identify grantees for cohort

Using the data and insights form the Grantee Needs Assessment, we create a cohort of nonprofits who have demonstrated not just need, but demonstrate they will commit the time and resources to building out a fundraising program.

Funding Allocation.png

confirm funding allocation

Network for Good will match your funding commitment to create your cohort to ensure that more, not fewer, grantees are able to participate. This also means that for every $1 you invest, a $5 Philanthropic Return on Investment is achieved.


Enroll & onboard grantees

We’ll conduct an informational workshop for grantees selected to be seated in the cohort to give all of the stakeholders a shared understanding of the program, expectations, and anticipated outcomes, asking each to return a signed MOU.


Let's get you some information, now.

To determine if the Jumpstart Program is a fit for your foundation, we'll send you a Program Overview for you to review and begin a conversation.


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