National Year-end Giving Readiness Challenge

Ready, tech, go. Help grantees plan now – and raise more.

Nonprofits in the United States are now challenged by major political, demographic, technological, and social factors outside of their control. As a result, many of their programs face an uncertain future. These same nonprofits aren’t equipped with the right plan, tools, and know-how to maximize fundraising in this new environment, beginning with the year-end giving season, when $72 billion is gifted to organizations in the last 60 days of the year.

To help nonprofits make the most of the giving season, beginning with #GivingTuesday and continuing through December 31, Network for Good has created the National Year-End Giving Readiness Challenge, a nationwide initiative that will be staged in 100 cities across the country. During the week of September 17, we’ll be working in partnership with community foundations, nonprofits associations, and local consultants to stage no-cost, in-person trainings, knowing that what nonprofits do in the 45 days after Labor Day will determine their fundraising success in the 45 days before December 31.

Designed in partnership with Facebook and #GivingTuesday, the Challenge is designed for nonprofits that have already created an individual giving program within the last 12 months, and have raised at least $15,000 in annual gifts reaching 100 or more donors. The Challenge will provide participating nonprofits with the best-practice plan, tools, and templates to have their best possible campaign – that can also be replicated in the spring, should they choose.

We would like to work with you to stage one of these localized trainings in your community, inviting all of the nonprofits you serve to attend. Network for Good will handle creating the event in your community, and we'll send one of our trained, local fundraising consultants to conduct the workshop, while providing every participating organization the following:

1.     Fundraising Needs Assessment.  Through Network for Good’s unique, online Fundraising Needs Assessment, nonprofits will answer 15 short questions and from it, create a Comprehensive Findings Report, identifying areas the organization needs to immediately address to increase their individual giving program going into year-end. 

2.     Community Convening. In a 90-minute workshop that you host, we’ll help nonprofits calculate and forecast their own unique fundraising potential, build a campaign calendar, and create an impact-focused message to compel and inspire more giving to their mission. Network for Good will also host a live, virtual broadcast on Facebook for nonprofits unable to travel to your local convening site.

3.     Customizable 90-Day Fundraising Plan. The day after the Convening, nonprofits will be given a draft fundraising plan to help each develop a stage-appropriate, multi-channel fundraising strategy that integrates #GivingTuesday and year-end giving into one, seamless, 12-week campaign.  The plan will guide the planning and execution of a fundraising sprint that integrates direct mail, email, text messages, social media, and website to maximize year-end results.

4.     Help-Desk Appointment.  With their draft plan, nonprofits will be invited to schedule a one-on-one appointment with a Fundraising Solutions Consultant who will help each audit their existing giving experience, discuss ways to improve and sustain increased fundraising results, and discuss what software applications are needed to effectively launch and sustain their own right-sized campaign.

5.     Bi-Monthly Virtual Training.  Nonprofits completing a Help-Desk Appointment can be enrolled into a virtual training series designed to help each execute their year-end plans with the aid of all the tips and tricks from our resident fundraisers, all of whom have been executive directors, development directors, and board members – and understand their constraints and challenges better than anyone.

Webinar Registration for Interested Grantmakers

On Thursday, August 9th at 1 p.m. EST, you can join us to learn more about the Challenge and what Network for Good’s Impact Team will be doing to support bringing this opportunity to your community.