We may have been funding the wrong solutions

In the last 20 years, grantmakers have invested resources to build the capacity of our grantees.  Each year, these same nonprofits spend roughly $33,000 on conferences, workshops, publications, and consultants with the hope of raising more money. Yet, few achieve the desired growth outcomes. Not only do 77% of nonprofits fall short of their annual revenue goals, they’re raising less money than the previous year.

Long-term sustainability requires individual giving, donors.

 By contrast, nonprofits generating at least 70% of their annual revenue from individual donors—not grants—balance their budgets for three or more years, consecutively. As such, we can significantly increase our impact by redirecting capacity-building dollars to activities that build framework for sustainable annual fund, major gift, and board giving. 

We can now use data to align funding, needs, and outcomes.

 With a five-year funding commitment from Network for Good, we have created the National Grantee Fundraising Needs Assessment, a no-cost diagnostic to help grantmakers leverage data and grantee feedback for more strategic funding decisions that create measurable, impactful outcomes.


understand needs

Understand the individual giving needs, opportunities, and related staff competencies for all grantees. 


assess propensity

Determine which grantees can sustain the funding you provide along with what we jointly invest in their success.


index opportunities

Resolve and index the actual capacity needs on both an organizational and community level. 


identify trends

 Analyze and share individual giving trends among your grantees in the communities you serve.   

We want to make the best funding decisions — together.

 For grantmakers who want to move from insights to action, Network for Good’s Capacity Building Fund will match your financial commitment to cooperatively fund grantees demonstrating the readiness to build their fundraising capacity.   

The National Grantee Fundraising Needs Assessment will provide the data we need to assess whether or not it makes sense for us to move forward with a cooperative grantmaking partnership.

Getting started with the Assessment

Inside of just four weeks, our community research team will guide and provide direct assistance to conduct your own Assessment, completing the following steps:

Understand Previous Initiatives

We want to understand what you have done or funded, if anything, and how it worked for your grantees relative to your expectations.


Determine Universe of Nonprofits

We’ll discuss which nonprofits in your network should be surveyed based upon your strategic priorities, and if you want to include other funders.


Calendar Announcement & Survey

We’ll create a schedule to announce the Assessment, invite nonprofits to participate, and remind them to complete the survey by the date you determine.


Compile Results & Create Segment

With all the surveys submitted, we’ll then analyze and aggregate the results into a single document, grouping the respondents based upon their needs.


Present & Discuss Findings

A senior program director will come on-site to present the findings report to your staff, grants committee, and/or board, and discuss next steps and our financial commitment.


What Nonprofits WILL Experience

To frame the purpose of the Assessment, watch the video below which explains why we want information from nonprofits in your communities – and how we’ll use it.

Then, to learn more about scheduling the free Assessment for all of the communities you serve, please fill out and submit the form below. Let’s start the conversation.

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